Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have subscribed to the newsletter, but I am not receiving them.

A: It is possible that when you subscribed to the newsletter you made a mistake in typing your e-mail address. Unfortunately the automatic subscription system cannot check the validity of an e-mail address. If this has happened, we automatically receive the rejected confirmation that has been sent back by the mail failure system. If the error is obvious, we try to correct it. However, if it not obvious there isn't very much we can do about it, nor can we contact you. Try to subscribe again. If you are already subscribed it will tell you. If it tells you that you are already subscribed (and your e-mail address is definitely correct) and you are still not receiving the newsletters, see the answer below.

Another possible reason is that your provider has rejected the newsletter as spam or undesirable mail. A number of providers filter their incoming mail and block anything they consider as spam or undesirable without giving you the option to decide for yourself. If your provider gives you the opportunity of creating a "whitelist" i.e. a list of e-mail addresses that you always want to receive mail from, please add to the list.

Please note that if you are subscribed to MagicMail they automatically reject our mail.

Q: Some of my friends have received their newsletter, but I have not received mine.

A: It takes several hours to send the newsletter, but to try and keep you better informed we now put on the Papillon welcome page, the date of the release of the latest newsletter. If you have not received it by the end of that day please let us know and we will send you one manually.

Q: I cannot find the link to Newsletter Corner.

A: You can reach newletter corner either from the link in the newsletter or from the menu on the left hand site of the welcome page on the site. As Newsletter corner is for the subscribers to the mailing list only it will ask you to enter your e-mail address to verify that you are subscribed to the newsletter. If you are not already subscribed and would like to receive it, please click here. You can, of course, unsubscribe in exactly the same way.

If your newsletter appears with things like <p> at the beginning of each paragraph, you will not see the link to newsletter corner as described above. It will appear as a string starting <a href="http://www....etc>. What you can do in this case is to copy the part between the quotes (starting with http:// and ending with .htm) and paste it into your browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Mozilla etc). This should than take you directly to newsletter corner where you can download the charts.

Q: When I click on a link to Newsletter Corner or the gallery of stitched models I see an old page or an old photo.

A: One possible reason for this is that your browser is picking up the page from your cache. Pages you have visited previously are stored in the cache on your computer, and to save going to the Internet every time, if it finds the page in your cache, it will use it in preference. How and when this happens depends on how your options are set, but the first thing to do is to clear the cache. If you don't know how to do this please click on one of the links below for more detailed instructions. If your browser is not listed I think that the procedure is very much the same for most browsers.

Internet Explorer 7
Internet Explorer 4, 5, et 6
Mozilla Firefox

A: If you access these pages from a bookmark that you saved previously, please verify the properties of the bookmark. If you find that it directs to to the URL you need to change it to . We changed our server some time ago, and it appears that a number of old files are still there, but as we no longer have access to that server, we can't delete or change them.

Q: In Internet Explorer 9 the headings are missing from most pages and on some pages there is an error message which says something like “Warning: main(thread_list_/1380.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 53”.

A: The problem is that by default IE9 does not accept “session cookies” (This is a little bit of information needed for the system to know which language you are viewing the site in, and is only retained for the session). To solve the problem you need to proceed as follows:-

  1. Click on “Tools” or the gear-wheel top right of the screen and in the menu that opens choose “Internet Options”.
  2. Click on the “Privacy” tab at the top of the screen and then on the “Advanced” button in the middle of the screen.
  3. Tick the box “Override automatic cookie handling” and this will make the options underneath available.
  4. In the options now available underneath tick the box “Always allow session cookies” and then click on OK, and the OK again and that should be it.

Q: I am in Newsletter Corner but when I click on the Download button nothing happens.

A: If you are using Internet Explorer 7 it's default options are set to stop you downloading files it considers "dangerous" (which is almost everything!)  You should see a little grey bar at the top of the window, and if you click on it a menu appears and one of it's options is "download the file".  Tip: If you hold down the Cntrl key when you click on the download button, it bypasses this check.

If the above does not apply, the most likely reason is that you do not have the Adobe Reader installed, or you may have an older version. You need version 7 or higher. If you do not have the Adobe reader, or your version is out of date, you can download it free of charge from the Adobe Site.

Q: When I click on the link to "Newsletter Corner" in the menu the page appears in French.

A: This occurs if you have been to the French site and you have already clicked on the link "Coin Courrier" and then gone to the English site. You need to exit the site completely and then re-access it. If the French site appears by default and you want the Englsih site you can use the link and it will always open in English.

Q: When I click on a link in the menu all I see is a blank page.

This generally happens just after sending out the newsletter. The site is overloaded and becomes very slow. Usually if you wait a bit the page will eventually appear. Normally everything is back to normal by the following morning.

Q: How can I obtain the chart of “How does your Garden Grow” or &ldqsoCastles in the Air” that I can take part in these SALs?

A: These are both finished and have now been taken down from the site to make way for the new SAL. If you are missing some parts please contact us.

Q: I would like to take part in the current SAL, but I have missed one or more of the earlier parts, is it too late?

A: No it's never too late. The links to download the earlier parts can be found underneath the current part in Newsletter Corner.

Q: I have bought one or more of your charts and received an acknowledgement from Paypal, but I have not received the charts.

The delivery of the charts is entirely automatic and you should receive it within a few seconds attached to an e-mail. As with all automatic things it can occasionally happen that something goes wrong. If your order fails for any reason, we get a notification, and we will then try to send you your order manually. If you haven't received your order within a few minutes please get in touch with us so that we can get your order to you as quickly as possible and investigate the problem.

It is possible that your order has been processed correctly, but it has been rejected by your provider as spam, and in this situation we will try to send you your order by an alternative route, but if that fails then we have no means of contacting you. If you suspect that this may have happened, please try to give us an alternative way to contact you, e.g. an alternative e-mail address preferably with a different provider. If you have just subscribed to the SAL and have not received your part 1 of the chart you can download it yourself from the appropriate link below provided it has been correctly process by Paypal.

Q: When I click on the download button to download a part of the SAL I get an error message telling me either that the file does not exist, or is corrupt.

A: We are not sure why this happens, and it only seems to affect a very small number of people. The way round it is to right click on the download link, and in the little menu which pops up choose "Save file as" and then navigate to a folder of your choice (which can be the desktop) and then click on "Save". You should then be able to open it in the Adobe Reader from the place you saved it in.

Q: I have printed out my chart and I find that on one or more of the pages the grid lines are very faint or non-existent.

A: The first thing to check is that your ink cartridge is not low or exhausted. If there is plenty of ink in the cartridge then the next thing to try is to print the chart in high quality. If the printer button in the menu bar prints the file directly, you need to click on "File" in the menu bar and then choose "Print" in the menu which opens. This opens a dialogue box, and although all printers are different, one of the options in the dialogue box should be to choose the print quality. Tick the box for high quality, and this should solve the problem. Another (less likely) possibility is that you are not using an up to date version of the Adobe Reader. The latest version can be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe Site.

Q: How do I send you a photo to put in the gallery?

A: You can either take a photograph of your work with a digital camera or, if it is not too large and you have a scanner, you can scan it. We have found than scanning usually gives very good results, whereas a photograph very much depends on the lighting conditions etc. You can then send us the resulting file as an attachment to an e-mail. We can cope with most forms of picture file.

Anything not covered above, please contact us at .

Q: Is it possible to enlarge the charts to make them clearer?

A: Yes it is, and this is how you do it. If you open the file in Adobe reader (you have to have Adobe Reader V10 or more installed)  you then go to file/ print you will get a dialog box that looks like this:

You then click on the tab labelled Poster, and you  will get this dialog box:

you then set the tile scale to somewhere between 120%-190%, (you will need to expermient a bit to get a value that is best for you) and toggle the "cut marks" on and off to see how the page will look on either portrait or landscape and voila -- a supersized chart, all ready to stitch from.