Stitcher: Olga D
From: Vod��any, , Czech Republic
Material: 36 count Perlička (Little Pearl)
Dark green: Puppets 7246
Medium green: Puppets 7257
Light green: Puppets 7214
Floral colour 1: Mouliné 5742
Floral colour 2: Puppets 7291
Floral colour 3: Puppets 7335
Floral colour 4: Puppets 7314
Floral colour 5: Puppets 7086
Floral colour 6: Puppets 7044
Floral colour 7: Mouliné 5562
Floral colour 8: Mouliné 3282
Metallic thread: Metalux dark highlights
Bead 1: Preciosa Delica Tube Beads - Green Iris Opaque
Bead 2: Preciosa Delica Tube Beads - Light Blue Transparent Rainbow

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Latest Comments

Submitted by JoAnne in the USA
Your colors are just stunning!

Submitted by Chris G
Absolutely wonderful!!

Submitted by karine
très jolie harmonie de couleur!! tout simplement superbe

Submitted by Rebekah T.
Very pretty! I love the bright colors!

Submitted by Kali from Greece
Olga it's so colorful, I love it.

Submitted by shebafudge
Pretty colours!