Stitcher: Carol S
From: Droitwitch Spa, Worcs, England
Dark green: Madeira Threads 1514
Medium green: Madeira Threads 1513
Light green: Madeira Threads 1512
Floral colour 1: Polstitches № 95 Soulmates
Floral colour 2: Madeira Threads 2206
Floral colour 3: Madeira Threads 804
Floral colour 4: Madeira Threads 902
Floral colour 5: Madeira Threads 2712
Floral colour 6: Madeira Threads 709
Floral colour 7: Madeira Threads 906
Floral colour 8: Madeira Threads 907
Metallic thread: DMC E677
Bead 1: Mill Hill 03021
Bead 2: Mill Hill 02025

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Latest Comments

Submitted by Shannon Miller
Absolutely stunning! Your stitches are magnificent

Submitted by beta
Purple, lavender, light blues...are my favorite colors. I love the combination of colors and would be choosing some of these colors to use for my SAL project.

Submitted by Kristin K
Love your colors! Wish I could find same in the US.

Submitted by Jenny Meredith
Fabulous choice of colours. Just what I have been looking for.

Submitted by Lyn Mallinson
Love your gentle colours Carol!

Submitted by Lany
Gorgeous Colours