Stitcher: Ginette C
From: Ripon, QC, Canada
Material: 40 count linen
Dark green:
Medium green:
Light green:
Floral colour 1: DMC 801
Floral colour 2: A variegated thread from Threadworxs
Floral colour 3:
Floral colour 4:
Floral colour 5:
Floral colour 6:
Floral colour 7:
Floral colour 8:
Metallic thread:
Bead 1:
Bead 2:

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Latest Comments

Submitted by arlette91
C'est magnifique, bravo.

Submitted by Lyn Mallinson Kaiapoi NZ
I love your choice of threads! No hassles choosing which thread goes where??!!

Submitted by Ginette C
Merci pour les commentaires... Tks for your comments

Submitted by marthe29
quelle belle idée d'utiliser une seule couleur variable! magnifique, bravo

Submitted by marie.libellule
J'adore tes couleurs, c'est très beau!

Submitted by iggi
also decided to use just three handdyed yarns. Here I can see how it works. Beautiful! Thank you so much!

Submitted by Marcy M
This is so pretty with just the 2 threads. Excellent idea!