Stitcher: Lesley L
From: Lymm, Cheshire, England
Material: 28 count jobelan, colour English Rose
Dark green: DMC 987
Medium green: Crescent Colours peapod
Light green: Anchor 214
Floral colour 1: Anchor 894
Floral colour 2: Anchor écru
Floral colour 3: Anchor 76
Floral colour 4: Anchor 74
Floral colour 5: Anchor 109
Floral colour 6: Anchor 111
Floral colour 7: Anchor 100
Floral colour 8: Anchor 103
Metallic thread: Madeira Glisson Gloss Rainbow № 17
Bead 1: Mill Hill 03021 (white) to be attached later
Bead 2: Mill Hill 03025 (deep matt purple) to be attached later

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Latest Comments

Submitted by Lesley L
Thank you Rebekah

Submitted by Rebekah T.
I love those colors! So pretty!

Submitted by Lesley L
Thank you Venetia

Submitted by Venetia H
Beautiful work Lesley