Stitcher: Camila L
From: Dublin, , Ireland
Material: 28 count antique White Linen from Dohler (a Brazilian company)
Dark green: Anchor 246
Medium green: Anchor 243
Light green: Anchor 241
Floral colour 1: Anchor 1028
Floral colour 2: Anchor 62
Floral colour 3: Anchor 341
Floral colour 4: Anchor 1003
Floral colour 5: Anchor 132
Floral colour 6: Anchor 130
Floral colour 7: Anchor 298
Floral colour 8: Anchor 305
Metallic thread:
Bead 1:
Bead 2:

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Latest Comments

Submitted by Cynthia
Your colors are actually gorgeous. In the USA, we tend to use DMC vs. Anchor floss. But yours is one of my favorite color combinations!

Submitted by Joelle (Haute-Savoie) FRANCE
Hi, Camila, I like your work. I've just finished the first part. It's a beautiful SAL.