Stitcher: Joanne P
From: Lowestoft, Suffolk, England
Material: 28 count white evenweave
Dark green: DMC 699
Medium green: DMC 905
Light green: DMC 907
Floral colour 1: DMC 552
Floral colour 2: DMC 554
Floral colour 3: DMC 602
Floral colour 4: DMC 605
Floral colour 5: DMC 743
Floral colour 6: DMC 333
Floral colour 7: DMC 340
Floral colour 8: DMC 341
Metallic thread: DMC Jewel Effects E155
Bead 1:
Bead 2:
Although you said not to use white I do like the effect of the white-on-white Perle.  I've changed a few stitches, I struggled with Lazy Daisies and also the Mordvinian Stitch.

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Submitted by Charlene
I would like to see your progres on this piece. The colors you chose are very pretty and remind me of spring time. Can you post another picture - please!?