Stitcher: Lyn M
From: Kaiapoi, Kaiapoi, New Zealand
Dark green: DMC 520
Medium green: DMC 3363
Light green: DMC 3364
Floral colour 1: DMC 597
Floral colour 2: DMC 3811
Floral colour 3: DMC 3810
Floral colour 4: DMC 598
Floral colour 5: DMC 340
Floral colour 6: DMC 3746
Floral colour 7: DMC 333
Floral colour 8: DMC 155
Metallic thread: Petite Braid Gold and Multi
Bead 1: Mill Hill 40123 - cream
Bead 2: Mill Hill 42042 - pale pink

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Latest Comments

Submitted by Christine de France
bonjour, j'adore votre ouvrage ! Hello ! I like the choice of the colors, I begin the sampler soon. What fabric, type and color, have you used ? Thanks very well

Submitted by Fran
love the colors

Submitted by Lyn Mallinson
Thank you Sally. I used DMC Perle 8 shade 739.

Submitted by Sally
I love your work and the colours work really well. You have inspired me to do mine now! What colour and thread type have you used for the hard anger?

Submitted by Lyn Mallinson
Thank you Jill. Yes I'm really pleased with it.

Submitted by Jill
Looks amazing Lyn!

Submitted by Lyn Mallinson
Thank you Francoise!

Submitted by Françoise
J'aime beaucoup ton choix de couleurs.

Submitted by Lyn Mallinson
Thank you Nancybeth! I'm pleased too with how the colours have worked out.

Submitted by Nancybeth
I love your soft colors!