Stitcher: Christiane H
From: St Amant-Tallende, 63, France
Material: 30 count pink marbles linen
Dark green: DMC 3362
Medium green: DMC 3363
Light green: DMC 3364
Floral colour 1: DMC 3733
Floral colour 2: DMC 3731
Floral colour 3: DMC 917
Floral colour 4: DMC 915
Floral colour 5: DMC 3727
Floral colour 6: DMC 3836
Floral colour 7: DMC 3835
Floral colour 8: DMC 3740
Metallic thread: DMC E3685
Bead 1:
Bead 2:

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Latest Comments

Submitted by Donna
Love the colors

Submitted by tickled pink
I really love the colors in this one!! Just beautiful!

Submitted by Brenda P.
Love your colors!!

Submitted by Donna
This is gorgeous. I love the richness of the colors