Stitcher: Lana B
From: Charlottetown, PE, Canada
Dark green:
Medium green:
Light green:
Floral colour 1:
Floral colour 2:
Floral colour 3:
Floral colour 4:
Floral colour 5:
Floral colour 6:
Floral colour 7:
Floral colour 8:
Perle thread 1:
Perle thread 2:
Metallic thread:
Bead 1:
Bead 2:

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Latest Comments

Submitted by Betsy Rodell
Your piece is so colorful and fun! I love the side view of the beads. Good job.

Submitted by Sylvia Elexpuru
So beautiful. A labor of love for your craft!

Submitted by Odarka Farrell
Beautifully done!

Submitted by Anne Saarinen

Submitted by Elisabeth Habert
Très joli!

Submitted by Annalies Bouma

Submitted by Judy Walker
Thanks for the pictures of this beautiful finished piece.

Submitted by Ruth Denwiddie
Gorgeous! Makes me want to jump back into mine!

Submitted by Liz Anderson
Beautiful! A wonderful piece

Submitted by Janet Ok
Beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us.