Stitcher: Judith S
From: Vadnais Heights, MN, USA
Material: 32 count linen
Dark green: DMC 520
Light green: DMC 524
Floral colour 1: DMC 3778/758
Floral colour 2: DMC 3815/3817
Floral colour 3: DMC 223/224
Floral colour 4: DMC 3041/3042
Floral colour 5: DMC 926/927
Floral colour 6: DMC 3726/316
Floral colour 7: DMC 3712/761
Floral colour 8: DMC 3341/353
Yellow: DMC 745
Perle thread 1: № 8 écru
Perle thread 2: № 12 écru
Bead 1: Mill Hill Petite Glass Beads 40123
Bead 2: Mill Hill Petite Glass Beads 42024
Comment: I did pick out 8 colors for the motifs but chose to use a lighter shade for some highlighting or contrast as I did not use a metallic thread in my piece, The numbers used are as follows with the lighter shade number next, i.e. DMC 3778/758. Also I did use one color of yellow for the same reason, highlighting or contrast.

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Bonjour Yvonne voilà le fameux modèle du SAL pour 2021?