Stitcher: Valeri V
From: , , USA
A heartwarming story in Valeri's own words

Last year (2005), I purchased your LIVE SIMPLY chart online . I wanted to stitch a tribute sampler for the Katrina victims but did not know what to do . Then , I ran truck projects for them and collected 4 trucks of clothing bedding etc and 2 trucks of food and baby things .  A pickup truck pulled up and this older couple got out . They had cases of bottled water filling the flatbed of their truck - two cases high . I was a bit ovewhelmed and when I thanked them the woman said 'We try to live simply so we can help others' ! Bells went off in my brain about the chart I bought from you , so I stitched it and put a dedication in the wreath space! Thanks for the great chart!

The dedication:

"In honor of Hurricane Katrina victims"

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