Around the world in 80 stitches

A SAL in 23 parts

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Part 23

Brigitte R, 29, France
Dominique F, Valais, Switzerland
Aline P, 26, France
Edith M, 84, France
Hélène (MissLN) H, 76, France
Esther F, 71, France
Mary A, TX, USA
Sachie K, , Japan
Gail J, CA, USA
Nolda V, , Netherlands
Dörte R, Andalucia, Spain
Antonina B, , Russia
Monique R, 45, France
Huguette L, 67, France
Ramona S, , Germany
Linda K, KS, USA
Laura A, , Lithuania
Doris D, ON, Canada
Patricia P, 78, France
Sobana S, TN, India
Anne-Marie & Ludivine C, 54, France
March Ann B, VA, USA
Anita R, 78, France
Gisèle L, 82, France
Marlies E, , Germany
Helen M, Yorks, England
Kate M, 50, France
Marthe B, 29, France
Corinne C, 11, France
Demaris B, OK, USA
Angelique J, , Netherlands
Geke V, , Netherlands
Françoise L, 62, France
Josette P, 44, France
Doris C, , Spain
Marie-José V, , New Caledonia
Patricia R, 91, France
Lysiane (Lyse 5) G, 13, France
Eveline M, 91, France
Mary Ann T, PA, USA
Marie-Claire D, 37, France
Marie-Françoise J, 38, France

Part 22

Selene B, , Spain
Marie-France S, 17, France
Kathy R, AB, Canada
Hélène D, 66, France

Part 21

Part 20

Part 19

Yvonne (Mam' Soazic) O, 49, France
Vicki B, BC, Canada

Part 18

Part 17

Carolyn C, IN, USA

Part 16

Part 15

Part 14

Chantal T, , Turkey
Kathryn (Kathy) H, NC, USA
Nicole P, UT, USA
Blanca J, , Argentina

Part 13

Part 12

Barbara C, TX, USA
Carla R, IN, USA
Claude de P, , Belgium

Part 11

Britta S, , Germany
Juliette A, ON, Canada

Part 10

Laurence O, 27, France
Sandrine D, 40, France
Sandrine P, 39, France
Mamen A, , Spain

Part 9

Elizabeth O, OR, USA
Joanna (Jo) P, Yorks, England
Aleksandra T, , Russia

Part 8

Angelika G, , Germany
Catherine D, 59, France
Christiane L, 24, France
Nel V, , Netherlands
Joke B, , Netherlands
Anne L, QC, Canada

Part 7

Catherine G, 41, France
Muriel A, 95, France
Dominique D, 76, France

Part 6

Catherine V, , Belgium
Pierette (PiuPiu) D, QC, Canada

Part 5

Joan R, VIC, Australia
Myriam M, , Belgium
Axelle S, , Belgium
Françoise S, 29, France
Susanne S, , Germany
Jenny M, , Belgium
Magdalena L, , Poland
Catherine D, 91, France
Claire B, FL, USA

Part 4

Melissa L, AB, Canada
Catherine D, 18, France
Roxanne M, , Belgium
Nancy M, MI, USA
Brigitte G, 49, France

Part 3

Zoë T, Hants, England
Etsuko M, ON, Canada
Elissa N, , New Zealand
Shelley T, Norfolk, England
Sylvia K, , Germany
Véronique A, 14, France
Michelle B, NM, USA
Annie P, 06, France
Svetlana G, , Russia
Colette T, 80, France
Megan S, VA, USA
Gert V, , Netherlands
Mireille H, 54, France
Marina S, , Russia
Naomi C, NSW, Australia
Claudie H, 87, France
Annie F, 82, France
Daniela (Danni) F, , Germany
Marion B, , Austria
Joei (Sahlee) B, , Singapore
Sylvie G, 86, France
Elena P, , Russia
Monique M, 28, France
Natalya N, MO, USA
Sandrine R, 06, France

Part 2

Manja A, , Germany
Jennifer V, CO, USA
Valerie F, , Netherlands
Terry A, TX, USA
Natalia P, , Russia
Pascale C, , Belgium
Aline D, , Belgium
Blanca A, , Spain
Nancy T, Cambs, England
Béatrice J, 34, France
Sylvie K, 91, France

Part 1

Khristine D, PEI, Canada
Sayuri T, , Japan
Tatyana E, , Siberia
Dolorès S, 13, France
Evgenia K, , Russia
Danielle W, NY, USA
Ludmilla G, , Ukraine
Aoi C, 91, France
Anne-Marieke B, , Netherlands
Melinda P, TX, USA
Debra D, MD, USA
Ekaterina K, , Russia
Fabienne Q, 41, France
Marisol Femenia V, , Chile
Annick P, 73, France
Alicia H, HI, USA
Ghislaine-Andreane B, 71, France
Wendy K, VA, USA
Barbara N, IN, USA
Annie M, 41, France
Marie-Laure C, , Belgium
Martine V, 59, France
Michele M, MD, USA
Kerris M, Glos, England
Magali de G, NC, USA